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july 29-august 23 2020

Opening august 1 2020

11 AM-2 PM

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11 AM to 4 PM

Art critic at the danish newspaper "Jyllandsposten" and editor of the art journal "Kunstavisen" wrote about my paintings in the yearbook "101 kunstnere 2019:

An architect's sense of melancholy. This could be an appropriate headline for Preben Schubell's paintings.


The Architecture first. In all the paintings one finds a rigorous composition consisting mainly of horizontal and vertical lines, of rectangles and squares. A composition Preben Schubell must know at his fingertips as the educated architect he is. Many of the paintings can also resemble sections of houses with ceiling beams, terraces, walls and facades. The impression of order, balance and harmony prevails in these compositions in the same way as they do in the architect's floor plans.


Something, however, breaks this well thought out system of straight lines and right angles. Something that you will definitely not find in floor plans. In some of the surfaces, the color is graduated so that it is no longer uniform, but is “demolished". Elsewhere in the paintings, the tranquility is disturbed by asymmetric and disparate lines, by river-like structures and strange objects. If you think in figurative terms, the associations are obvious: moss, algae, branches and twigs, shrubs and trees put their organic imprint on the rigorous composition.


You sense nature's penetration into the man-made environment. Either as the shrubs and trees that are normally found in the garden or as the moss, lichen and weeds that gradually take over the structures of abandoned buildings. In the latter case, the paintings can be seen as a kind of memento mori: a reminder that everything must decay and die. Even the most magnificent structure built by the most skilled architect.


Preben Schubell's color scale supports the feeling of melancholy and abandonments, as it is characterized by autumn and winter colors. This should not necessarily be read in the way that we are dealing with a pessimistic artist. Melancholy does not always mean sadness. It can also be seen as an expression of a sensitive and delicate mind. At least that is the conclusion that the undersigned comes to. The paintings are at the same time disciplined and dreamy, precise and sensitive, well thought out and spontaneous.


And then one senses that they are completely and utterly passionate. Created by a professional who needs other ways of expressing himself. Trying, experimenting, sentient..... artistic.


Tom Jørgensen



Preben Schubell

Pontsøvej 33

3000 Helsingør


+45 30 44 20 68


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